Roles and Criteria of an Assistant on Albatech Forum


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Feb 3, 2019
Hi to you Albatech member!

Today I share an ad on the roles and criteria of an assistant in the forum, it is therefore only subjective to me! ;)

To start the applications it's here:

The criteria:

An assistant is above the members in the hierarchy so it must be an example for others, ie not to react stupidly to insults for example.
An assistant must have a jovial character, to make simple someone good living: nice, smiling, etc.
An assistant is a person in a period of trying, that is to say that person is there to prove himself to become a moderator who is the rank following that of an assistant. It is therefore necessary to know how to establish a certain authority without taking people from above.
As explained above the assistant grade is a period of trying, it can last longer or shorter so that is why being patient is necessary.

To make it simpler on the criteria: kind, helpful, patient, and an authoritative minimum.

The roles:

An assistant is primarily a member of the forum team, so it is important to welcome new members.
An assistant tries to make known the forum otherwise why to help a project if it is not to make it known to more nobody.
In order to help make the forum better known, sharing the subject is a good thing: tutorial, news, etc.
Given that it is a period of trying a wizard should report topics or messages that require moderation: insults, boosts, etc.

To make it easier on the roles: to be present, to share subjects, and to make a moderation of moderation.

Of course it's in my opinion, so subjective to give you an idea of what I expect!​



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